• Making your product a winner.
  • What would you like – more money or more time?
  • Are your goals irresistible?
  • Do you know the people you should know?
  • Are you seeking conflicts - or solutions?
  • Do you value experience and good character judgement?
  • Are you getting exactly the service you need?
  • Do you need more than just a good idea?

Getting to the heart of problem solutions.


Successful management consultancy requires a solid foundation of personal understanding and an entrepreneurial mindset that is on the same wavelength as the client. Individual consulting provided by an entrepreneur to an "entrepreneur within the enterprise" thus not only sets an interpersonal exchange of ideas in motion and improves collaboration: it also offers major benefits point for point, such as:

• Only consultants that are themselves active entrepreneurs can truly grasp the client's problem, identify the key elements and help to get the company on track to achieve the desired solution.

• Consultants are able to act from their own entrepreneurial perspective, addressing concrete problems with the assurance of experience and with the confidence to tackle even the toughest issues.

• Backed by long-standing entrepreneurial experience, consultants have an array of strategies at their fingertips to analyse their clients' problems accurately and rapidly and get to the heart of the issue.  

At Care Connection, I provide consulting services for clearly defined areas of consultancy and expertise, and offer you customized solutions in each area. In an initial meeting, I work with you to analyse the current situation and determine your wishes for the future. We then draw up a definition of your problem with the maximum precision, and define your consulting needs and objectives. This forms the basis for a detailed quotation of costs. Up to this point, all services are free of charge for you. You now decide whether my personal style of management consultancy is in line with your needs and wishes.

Always happy to answer your questions!

Best regards, Christian Czech